About Us

Thrive Therapy | Atlanta GA

Thrive Therapy is a therapist owned and operated, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation company. We believe and take great pride in providing evidence based care for optimal patient outcomes through Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology services. Each plan of care is customized to meet the individual's needs and goals. We do not want our patients to just survive, we want them to THRIVE!

Our Story

Hiral Patel and Christy Andrews founded Thrive Therapy in 2016 with a vision of providing optimal therapy services to populations often overlooked with the primary focus being in geriatric care. Hiral and Christy met and quickly became friends while completing their doctorate of physical therapy degrees at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. During the time in school and after beginning their careers they discussed their passion in wanting to be able to provide an environment for skilled therapists to grow and provide quality therapy to clients needing these services. In 2016 they began Thrive Therapy with the mission that they would build a company to allow patients to truly THRIVE and accomplish their goals for achieving greater independence and safety in all aspects of their lives. Hiral Patel resides in Atlanta, Georgia and Christy Andrews resides in Savannah, Georgia where they continue to grow and provide services in these regions.