When I started my therapy with Thrive I'd had three months of therapy with a different company. Immediately I realized marked improvements with my mobility, agility, and walking. After a month my confidence increased because of the attitudes and praise of the therapists. No longer was I confined to a chair after my stroke. After their therapies I was able to walk with my hemi walker to go outside enjoying our pond and patio at my assisted living facility. OT had much patience working with me showing me ADLs with confidence so that I could be on my own. Because of that I am now able to live on my own in an apartment with success. Speech therapy was very thorough using tools to help my aphasia, clarity with my speech, writing, and my memory. There were a variety of methods to build up my communication. All of the therapists are lovely, friendly, encouraging, and competent. I am better for having known them.

Barbara M.

Christy and the Thrive organization is professional and sensitive to the senior community. They are knowledgeable, personable, patient and empathetic to the needs of each resident they work with on our campus. Christy has a warm spirit about her and the residents love her! We enjoy working and partnering with Thrive working towards the same goal of keep residents safe and happy.

Lynne L.

Therapists from Thrive Therapy have helped me to stay active here at Magnolia Manor. I have been told that if I had not been taking the services offered plus periodic sessions with Thrive Therapy I would probably be in bed.

Besides helping physically exercise stimulates the brain according to Healthcare Professionals. I wholeheartedly recommend Thrive Therapy.

Mary W.

Hiral Patel is a great physical therapist. I met Hiral at Emory inpatient rehab in 2012 following spinal stenosis surgery. I was virtually paralyzed at the time out of surgery, and Hiral (then a resident) specifically requested me as his first patient, due to the difficulty of the case. The surgery and physical therapy were a great success, and have allowed me to walk again.

I followed Hiral's career ever since, and recently called him after receiving a prescription from my neurologist for balance issues due to diabetic neuropathy. Hiral is now one of the founders and a physical therapists at Thrive Therapy. Our recent therapy sessions for balance issues were also a great success.

I believe some of the approaches that makes Hiral successful is that he intuitively creates a program for each patient, reviews your goals at the end of each session, provides instructions on home exercises, and decides (with your input) what the plans will be for your next session. Prior to each exercise he demonstrates the moves and precautions, and explains the expected outcomes. Hiral approaches his therapy with intelligence, kindness, compassion, and produces great results.

As a professional, I am also very impressed with his business model. His mission statement is humanitarian, and it is clear that Hiral is truly in business to make a difference in individuals lives and in the community.

If you are considering Thrive Therapy, you have made a wise and effective decision.

Robert C.